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Latest Message: 8 years, 2 months ago
  • [GUEST]Want4rain : we miss you!! roll
  • [GUEST]Jen : Zim!!!! I want Zimmm....
  • shiryuu : Hey, Ash! Smile A'splosions are a lot like explosions, only with more 'a's and appostrophies...and less 'e's and 'x's. razz heh
  • [GUEST]Want4rain : whats "A'splosions!!!!!"?
  • [GUEST]Want4rain : eek
  • [GUEST]Want4rain : cool! i left a message!!
  • shiryuu : Sorry Lutheill, I'm not working in the LOTR fandom so much anymore, but I'm sure I'll wander back there eventually.  Keep checking back!  wink
  • [GUEST]Luthiell : Looks great, Shi! I'd love to see more LOTR fanart, if you get the chance!!
  • shiryuu : Indeed it does.  Smile
  • [GUEST]guest_5050 : seems to work

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